Spheric View

An astronomical software for helping you to show star sphere, import and show some interesting points and design your owns.

download v. 2.4
linux win mac
download prerelease v. 2.5-SNAPSHOT
linux win mac

Note: you must have Java 17 for Linux or Windows or Mac installed
The Windows version of Java can be downloaded directly from here

Key features:

  • load FITS rasters
  • download for each location a FITS from Eso DSS
  • import and show any csv or tsv containg RA and DEC coordinates. For example it can load any tsv from VizieR, Transient Name Server (supernovae) or NASA Horizons.
  • click through to the Simbad
  • creation of own points. Any type of data can be entered for points using tags.
  • save loaded or created points
  • manipulation with points, like merging, copying them
  • good support for coordinates RA and DEC - able to parse many formats. Also AZ, ALT supported
  • prepared basic data, like stars, constellations, meridians, parallels, galactic equator.
  • quick download and import of supernovae
  • quick download and import of comets
  • download custom ephemeris
  • alt az support - show area above horizon and under at a time from a location
  • draw custom points and circles.

The features should help you to prepare your next observation, your goals, your objects.



If you wish Messier catalog in native csv format with native SPView columns, it's here.

Some cluster catalog in native csv format with native SPView columns is here.

You can also import the same stars as the embedded present in application. It comes from https://github.com/astronexus/HYG-Database/blob/master/hygdata_v3.csv but if you don't want to convert the format to SPView, you can download native SPView csv here. If you'll import it you can disable the default stars.