rsmapper RS-Mapper simple ORM

RS Mapper is a Java library to provide JDBC operations just like complex ORMs like Hibernate. But in much simplier way. It's also alternative for Spring JdbcTemplate but RS Mapper is a bit richer because JDBC operations can construct populated entity objects without need to write ResultSet.getObject or PreparedStatement.setObject calls.

Best way to start is the Bitbucket site rs-mapper or directly the RS Mapper Demo application, which is an application made using Spring Boot framework.

SCP and SSH utility written in Java

In case you cannot use native scp and ssh utility you can use my simple implementation written in Java.
It's useful together with automatized build process using gitlab pipeline, bitbucket, etc...

SWT library on Raspberry Pi

SWT library is still here. Eclipse IDE is using it and you can also write your own Java platform native GUI applications by SWT framework. Since now you can use this framework also on Raspberry Pi.

AVR Resources

here are some useful datasheets and docs for users who can't find them on because all links to this site are broken.

Asynchronous Tasks by Interrupt

this is my aproach how to do tasks asynchronously on Arduino which makes code more clear and effective

Consumption of Arduino Pro Mini and Iduino Pro Mini 5V

compare consumption of two Pro Mini 5V boards.

Timers and Tables for prescalers

tables for choosing the right configuration for timers.

Timer Code Generator

generation source C code for interrupt with defined configuration.

Consumption of Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V

it can be useful for somebody whether concrete model with small modification can be powered by batteries

Usages plugin

Eclipse plugin to see references among various files where one file references second across projects. Typical example is XML file where is a reference to other XML file. Other example is JSP, XHTML or JSF file where some components of other file are used or there are references to other pages.

Eclipse plugins

Some my plugins for Eclipse

Markdown syntax in brief

If you couldn't find a Markdown syntaxt this could be first help