Space Photos View

is a tool for displaying images that appear at world coordinates.
It's for users who want to see their raster images on the celestial sphere. Especially FITS format is supported. More informations here

Audio Quality Measurement

A method to calculate a quality of signal like an audio. It's actually a SNR calculation, but in the time domain.

rsmapper RS-Mapper simple ORM

RS Mapper is a Java library to provide JDBC operations just like complex ORMs like Hibernate. But in much simplier way. It's also alternative for Spring JdbcTemplate but RS Mapper is a bit richer because JDBC operations can construct populated entity objects without need to write ResultSet.getObject or PreparedStatement.setObject calls.

Best way to start is the Bitbucket site rs-mapper or directly the RS Mapper Demo application, which is an application made using Spring Boot framework.